Jewish Festival Appeals



Manchester Jewish Museum needs your support to fund a new education programme.

Educating children about Jewish faith, culture and heritage is now more important than ever in light of recent reports of terror plots and increased anti-Semitism in Greater Manchester.

Last year we taught over 10,000 schoolchildren from 300 schools. There is simply no better way of combating anti-Semitism than by promoting tolerance and understanding amongst children.

Schools are now facing budget cuts and are finding it increasingly difficult to organise a trip to the Museum. We now need to provide schools with real ‘value for money’. Teachers have told us our education programme needs updating and our sessions need to be more interactive. We also need to provide children with worksheets rather than expecting the school to provide them and we need to offer more outreach sessions in schools.

This New Year we are appealing for donations to help us fund a new education programme, which will reach more schools and ultimately more children.


Your donation will be spent on:

New child-friendly displays to help children learn about Jewish faith

  • Children’s costumes to help children re-enact the stories of ‘Passover’ and ‘Purim’
  • New handling objects to help children learn about Jewish faith, heritage and culture
  • Educational worksheets for every child (provided by the Museum and not the school)
  • New outreach sessions taught in schools
  • New online learning resources for children to access at home or in school
  • Promoting the museum education programme to schools across the country




Helping us educate more children will make a huge difference. Thank you for your support.