Which object would you take if you had to flee your home?

This is the question asked in the mini-exhibition, €˜One Thing€™.

Curated by the Pod Collective, the exhibition brings together photographs of objects brought to the UK by asylum seekers. Photographed objects include a Manchester City scarf, a copy of Chaucer’s ‘€˜Canterbury Tales’ and a series of handwritten messages. One message reads: When I arrived in England last year I did not know that I would stay here for a long time. I;€™ve taken only a few items,,,I read ˜The Canterbury Tales€™ to relax and forget difficulties of life.€

Alongside the displayed photographs are objects from MJMs collection -€“ objects brought to Manchester in the late 19th/early 20th century by Jewish refugees and immigrants. Displayed objects include Sabbath candlesticks and a washboard used as a cricket bat.

The exhibition asks us all to consider what objects we hold precious, what stories they can tell and asks how we might tell them.

Runs until 30th June.