11th July: TALK - Chagall, Soutine and the School of Paris - A Curator's Perspective

Ben Uri Gallery’s Sarah MacDougall will be talking about MJM’s exhibition ‘Chagall, Soutine & the School of Paris’. MacDougall first curated this exhibition at the Ben Uri Gallery in 2012. MacDougall will be discussing the significance of Chaim Soutine’s La Soubrette and will explore the various themes and relationships surrounding the Jewish School of Paris, focusing on artists such as Marc Chagall, Lazar Berson and Yitshak Frenkel-Frenel.


ManchesterJewish Museum

11 July, 7:30pm

£3.95/£2.95 concessions Find out about more related events in our Chagall: In the North West guide.